Lee Friedlander Photographs Frederick Law Olmsted Landscapes

21 February, 2008|photography|

Mr. Whiskets writes, "Lee Friedlander is often cited as America's most important living photographer but undoubtedly he is its most prolific. Lee has created substantial bodies of work in every genre of photography and succeeded in making each his own. Self portraits, nudes, social landscape, the American monuments, labor, technology, music, the family album, architecture, [...]

40+ Photos: Deutsche Borse Photography Prize Finalists

8 February, 2008|photography|

Jim writes, "Four photographers were named this week as finalists for the annual £30,000 ($60,000) Deutsche Borse Photography Prize. The finalists are: John Davies (UK), Jacob Holdt (Denmark), Esko Mannikko (Finland) and Fazal Sheikh (USA). Exhibitions of work by all four photographers will be on display in London at The Photographers' Gallery, February 8 - [...]

Elizabeth Atterbury

8 February, 2008|photography|

New updates from Elizabeth Atterbury. I wish there were more often... If you're not familiar with Elizabeth's photographs, please visit http://eatterbury.blogspot.com/

The Americans by Robert Frank 50th Anniversary

8 February, 2008|photography|

Mr. Whiskets writes, "It is rare for a photographer that came of age in the 1960's and 70's to not cite Robert Frank's The Americans and Walker Evans' American Photographs as the two books that inspired them to take up a camera and explore the world. It is lore that gets repeated so often it [...]

Removing the dead from photos

28 December, 2007|photography|

Jim writes, "Brazilian artist Ludmila Steckelberg has created a body of work that explores the interesecting ideas of memory and loss; passing time and death; and the reliance on photography, and family albums, to help us remember and reconstruct one's personal past. Her work, titled "The Absence of Colors" is simple in concept yet powerfully [...]

Defining Moments in American Photography series from UC Press

20 December, 2007|photography|

Mr. Whiskets writes, "The 20 hour flight from Thailand to New York left me with a lot of reading time so I was able to finish off the first two releases of the University of California Press's Defining Moments in American Photography series On Alexander Gardner's Photographic Sketchbook of the Civil War (#1 in the [...]

Jo Holland – Dissected Beauty

28 November, 2007|art, photography|

A Retrospective / 1-16 December Private View / Thursday 6 December 6.00-9.00pm Jo Holland works on the borders between photography and painting, employing the techniques of both to create images that belong to neither medium. Holland makes photographs without the intermediary of either camera or negative, directly exposing the object through the lense onto what [...]

Tim Smyth – The nature of machines

21 November, 2007|art, photography|

PREVIEW 21 NOVEMBER 2007 4PM - 8PM Tim Smyth learned the power cars have the hard way-by going through the windscreen of one that was moving. As well as glass splinters, that accident, when he was out cycling, also imprinted musings on the destructiveness of the motor car. Smyth has used this, and witnessing a [...]

The Norwegian Way – Jorn Tomter

16 November, 2007|photography|

November sees the book launch in both London and Oslo of 'The Norwegian Way' Showcasing Jorn Tomter's work and his five year study of the 'Russ' - a three week countrywide party held by graduating Norwegian 18 year olds. With writing from Karl Erik Haug of Carls Cars and commentator Erlend Loe discussing this "fascinatingly [...]

Joe Stalin’s Rolls Royce and other early Russian photos

6 November, 2007|photography|

jimcasper writes, "A remarkable exhibition of 150 vintage prints by Russian photographer Piotr Ostrup are on display 7 November to 2 December 2007 at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.This exhibition is not a strict documentary testimony or historical narrative. It is an exhibition of the art photography of one of the most important photographers [...]