Welcome to Digitalarte

20 August, 2007|art, photography|

Michael Reichmann publisher and primary author of Luminous Landscape writes, "George Kraniotis, a London-based photographer who was recently in Toronto for one of my One-On-One sessions has just opened his digital lab and print studio. If you're located in the UK and looking for an excellent service bureau, I can recommend George and his partner Myrto [...]

The Luminous Landscape

14 August, 2007|photography|

Mark Segal has written a significant follow-up piece to his essay from last month titled Do Curves Throw You A Curve? You can download this PDF update directly here

Lens Culture Weblog

14 August, 2007|photography|

One of the favorite features of Lens Culture is their rich and growing archive of audio interviews with famous and not-yet-famous photographers... more

Photoshop Lab

14 August, 2007|photoshop|

Whether you want to show off your amazing Photoshop talent or just touch up on your skills, entering a Photoshop contest on PhotoshopTalent.com is a great place to do both... more