Candid Camera: The cult of Leica

24 September, 2007|photography|

Anthony Lane writes, "Fifty miles north of Frankfurt lies the small German town of Solms. Turn off the main thoroughfare and you find yourself driving down tranquil suburban streets, with detached houses set back from the road, and, on a warm morning in late August, not a soul in sight. Nobody does bourgeois solidity like [...]

Can/should art be taught?

13 September, 2007|art, photography|

Alec Soth writes, "I recently dipped my toes into the art education industry. After several waves of exhilaration and despair, I'm happy to find myself back on the relative terra firma of this blog. But I'm struggling to bring any coherence to my impressions. With only two weeks spent at the San Francisco Art Institute, [...]

Place de Chanel

12 September, 2007|design|

Of the many stories, myths, and just all around Chanel lore that i can't seem to get out of my head yet (expect a few more posts just so i can clear my head)… the one i woke up with that was driving me crazy was that Coco Chanel designed her first Chanel No.5 bottle [...]

Exhibitions & events – September

9 September, 2007|photography|

The most noteworthy event of this month is of course the European Photobloggers Meetup in Berlin, which starts this Friday. A few of us are heading there, but don't worry if you're not going, because there is still plenty to visit in London as well. After the summer months September is the month to start [...]

Canon 40D Hands-On Report

9 September, 2007|photography|

Released in early September, 2007, just a few weeks after introduction, the Canon 40D is nominally Canon's fifth generation (D30, D60, 10D, 20D, 30D) prosumer DSLR. In truth though, in some cases, such as between the 20D to 30D, there was little to be seen in terms of either features or performance improvements other than [...]

40+ Books For Professional Design & Development

9 September, 2007|design|

Smashing Magazine have selected over 40 expert books in the fields of typography, colour, graphic design, brand identity, inspiration, web design and programming, Web 2.0,usability, data visualization and simplicity. If you're interested in any of these disciplines then this is a must read. (via Smashing Magazine)

Careers in Photography

9 September, 2007|art, photography|

Today is the first anniversary of this blog. I'm happy to have made it this far, but I'm feeling a little guilty. With an average of 2,000 unique visitors per day (and 220,000 visitors in total), I fear I've squandered the opportunity to provide much of a public service. Too many of my 310 posts [...]

Digitalarte News – September 3 – September 9

3 September, 2007|art, lightroom, photography|

alec soth - blog Why bother? // By Alec Soth Today I became aware of the fabulous Picture Australia archive. Searching on the topic of ‘new south wales police dept,’ I once again wonder why I bother with photography. It seems unfair that an anonymous police photographer can be as good as Avedon and Arbus. [...]

Digitalarte News – August 27 – September 2

27 August, 2007|art, environment, lightroom, photography|

WorldChanging Britain Bans Ads for Fast Food, Eggs // By Erica Barnett Great Britain, already the birthplace of such progressive ideas as carbon labeling and the congestion tax, has long made a practice of banning advertisements that go against the nation's progressive values. Lately, Britain seems to be in the midst of an ad-banning frenzy. [...]

August 20 – August 27, 2007

20 August, 2007|art, environment, photography|

Five Years Gallery - Peer Esteem You are invited to submit... Alec Soth - Blog Assignment: Jump the sandwich... The Edge So, there is a new photographer resource/community site to check out. The Edge is a spot for photographers worldwide to share resources and ideas. WorldChanging SlaveCity: The Board Room The Board Room is part [...]